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Welcoming Post

June 29, 2014

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Kid’s Academy blog!

Last week we released our first educational app, and we thought it’s high time we introduced ourselves.

First of all, we are like-minded people and parents! We have various professional backgrounds and we have come together to create worthy educational apps for kids. We are different but we share some common passions like modern technology, education, fun … and we also care about kids.

We make apps for 2-5 year olds. And this is the reason why all our apps combine educational value and FUN. We believe that kids learn faster by playing! Our first app, for example, Cartoon ABC is not just a simple ABC learning tool. Here you’ll find loads of amusing animations and cute characters. Our own kids love playing with them, and we hope yours also will.

While we create apps for kids, we also remember about parents. All our apps have a helpful Parents Area, specially designed to help grown-ups monitor their kids’ progress.


smile This blog is also made for parents. Here you will see the posts that cover a variety of topics. We’ll introduce you to our apps and tell you how to make a better use of them. You’ll recognize these posts by a cute Ooops character next to them. 

Another series of articles will be dedicated to kids’ development. Here you will find our musings on such issues as kids and technology, kids’ attention span, development of kids’ fine motor skills, and others. When you decide to read these posts, look for a Bachelor’s hat!

Another thing we would like to do is to give you how-to tips and tricks. It’s not going to be professional advice on how to raise your kids (you know it better yourself!). Instead we will share some creative game-like activities that might help you revise ABC or persuade your kids to read or write a word learnt lately. These posts are going to be marked by an exclamation mark.

You might also want to take a look at our Story time posts. They are based on the ‘tough’ questions our own kids asked us. We’ve written the answers in a fairy-tale style, and we hope you will enjoy telling them to your kids!

We will also be happy to hear from you, for any reason!

Write to us at .


Kid’s Academy Staff


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