Aug. 31, 2014

This story happened many years ago when school children were writing with ink pens and there were still 23 letters in the alphabet.

One day a little Italian girl was practicing writing letters. It was a hard task for her because every time she wrote letters V and I she would put a blot on her paper. She was very upset about it because she wanted to please her Daddy with beautifully written letters.

The little girl was writing letter V, when suddenly……oops, a blot! ‘What shall I do?’ thought the girl looking at the letter. ‘The eraser didn’t help much last time…hmm, why not doing like this?

‘Looks a little different, though,’ thought the girl and continued writing V another time, and one more time.  

‘Enough with consonants! Time to write a vowel!’ thought the girl and started writing letter ‘I’, when …oops, another blot!

Now she confidently turned a tiny blot into a line.


‘Nice work!’ said her Dad, when he saw the letters. ‘But what letters are these?’ he asked pointing at U and J.

'Well, I put some blots on my paper when I was writing V and I, and I didn’t know what to do with all that, so I changed some lines,’ the little girl was about to cry...

‘Don’t be upset, let’s give them a name! Let’s call them U and J, and this,’ he said looking at VV, will be a W!’

Since then there have been 26 letters in the alphabet.