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Announcing Winners of Week 1 Contest

May 14, 2021

contest week 1

Congratulations to our Week 1 Contest winners:

  • Emem,
  • Layla,
  • Isaiah,
  • Emerson,
  • Britt,
  • Arvi,
  • Allison.

We are so proud of your academic accomplishments and can’t wait to see who will win for Week 2! Kids Academy would also like to congratulate all our little learners for your continued dedication and hard work. We are confident that all of you can earn a top spot!

This week we have another exciting contest for a chance to gain points and win nominations! The criteria have changed for this week’s contestants, so look closely to see how to win!

Week 2 Contest

To become this week’s winner, and earn a digital certificate, kids need to succeed in at least one of the following nominations:

  1. Pre-K English Language Arts

Show us your child’s ELA success! Complete as many activities as possible in the English Language Arts course for Pre-K.

  1. Pre-K Wednesday

It’s your preschooler’s time to shine! All activities successfully completed across any Pre-K course on Wednesday will put your child’s name in the running on Wednesday!

  1. Grade K Worksheets

The more worksheets students complete, the more they learn! The child who successfully completes the most worksheets across all Grade K courses will be the learner who earns the top title in this category.

  1. Grade K Mathematical Practice

Kindergarteners should pay close attention to their performance in the Mathematical Practice course to win the top spot for this certificate!

  1. Grade 1 Tuesday

For this terrific Tuesday, all activities across Grade 1 courses will count towards earning this nomination. Successfully complete as many activities on this day to win!

  1. Grade 2 English Language Arts

Whether it’s videos, games, worksheets, or quizzes, it doesn’t matter! All activities completed in the English Language Arts section for Grade 2 will push your child closer to winning.

  1. Grade 3 Games

This week third graders will play to win to be the first to gain a certificate for this award! Students must successfully complete as many games as possible across any course for Grade 3.

Don’t forget that children can earn certificates for taking the top spot in multiple nominations! The more nominations a child wins, the more certificates and points they gain. Learn more to win more with our weekly contest hosted by Kids Academy! 

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