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Yellow Day Scenario

June 21, 2015

The color of creative energy and positive emotions…YELLOW is the color we are featuring today.

yellow day

Optimistic and cheerful, yellow is the easiest color to see. 

Waking up in the morning is much more pleasant when there’s sun outside. Sun is probably the first thing we associate with the color yellow. And this could be the first thing you can use to introduce your kids to the color of the day.

Continue your kids’ day with bath time and bring in yellow shampoo, soap, and a yellow rubber duck, an integral part of every bath routine. 


Adding yellow ingredients to your meal will not only additionally expose your kid to the color again, it will also bring an enormous amount of vitamins to her organism. Corn, bell peppers, bananas, and lemons contain vitamins and mineral substances indispensable for child’s growth and development. 

Finish off the day with a fun family activity. Watching The Lorax could be a great family get-together. Lorax’ yellow mustache can once again help revise the color of the day!

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