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Kids Academy offers fun and educational phonics coloring pages designed for 7-year-olds to enhance their reading development. These printable worksheets combine creativity with learning, aiding in the recognition of sounds, letters, and basic words. Each coloring page engages children with vibrant illustrations that correspond to phonics exercises, fostering both artistic expression and literacy skills. Ideal for parents and teachers, these resources support foundational reading abilities while making learning enjoyable. Explore a variety of printable activities that will inspire young readers and ensure educational growth in a playful, engaging way. Visit now to boost your child's reading journey!

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Long O Vowel Team Coloring Worksheet
Long O Vowel Team Coloring Worksheet

Long O Vowel Team Coloring Worksheet

Divide your class into teams and have them work together to identify and pronounce the long O sound in words like "boat" and "flow". As they read aloud, have the rest of the class listen attentively. Then let teams color in the words and matching pictures, reinforcing the lesson. This simple printout is perfect for phonics lessons and a fun way to energize your class.
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Long O Vowel Team Coloring Worksheet