Kids & Technology

July 6, 2014

     There’s a lot of hype around issues that feature technology and kids. Such questions as how much time a kid should spend watching TV or playing with a smart phone spark a lot of controversy among parents.  Some think that technology hinders kids’ development; others see a lot of advantages in using gadgets.

Well, we are parents ourselves and we understand that the golden truth lies somewhere in the middle. All these gadgets as smart phones or tablets ...

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Welcoming Post

June 29, 2014

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Kid’s Academy blog!

Last week we released our first educational app, and we thought it’s high time we introduced ourselves.

First of all, we are like-minded people and parents! We have various professional backgrounds and we have come together to create worthy educational apps for kids. We are different but we share some common passions like modern technology, education, fun … and we also care about kids.

We make apps for 2-5 year olds ...

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