How to Make a Better Use of Smart Devices

July 27, 2014

     In this post you are going to find out how to better use smart phones and tablet computers with your little kids.

One of the first things you need to keep in mind is that neither smart phones nor tablets can substitute parents and real person-to-person interaction. They are better used as an additional way to encourage kids to learn something new. Kids would also benefit more if YOU guide them through their educational process. Make sure you know how ...

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How to Revise Letters on Holiday

July 20, 2014


Holiday time is time off daily routine and homework. This is the time when most families decide to change the scene and to travel. However, as a good parent, you might have second thoughts about how to revise the stuff your children were learning through the whole year.

The best way to revise the alphabet, for example, would be to ask your kid to spell words. Here are some places you can find letters to spell while traveling:

  • Airports ...

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Why We Have Flash Cards with Objects and Animals on the ABC Screen

July 13, 2014

Many of you reading this blog might have already seen or used our Cartoon ABC app. But have you wondered why we have flash cards with objects, animals and food instead of flash cards with letters?

Well, we did it on purpose.

Things like a favorite toy car, a Barbie doll, a slice of watermelon or a neighbors’ cat are among the first things kids experience in their lives. And these words would be among the first to pronounce. Letters ...

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Kids & Technology

July 6, 2014

     There’s a lot of hype around issues that feature technology and kids. Such questions as how much time a kid should spend watching TV or playing with a smart phone spark a lot of controversy among parents.  Some think that technology hinders kids’ development; others see a lot of advantages in using gadgets.

Well, we are parents ourselves and we understand that the golden truth lies somewhere in the middle. All these gadgets as smart phones or tablets ...

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Welcoming Post

June 29, 2014

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Kid’s Academy blog!

Last week we released our first educational app, and we thought it’s high time we introduced ourselves.

First of all, we are like-minded people and parents! We have various professional backgrounds and we have come together to create worthy educational apps for kids. We are different but we share some common passions like modern technology, education, fun … and we also care about kids.

We make apps for 2-5 year olds ...

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