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How to Revise Letters in Town

Aug. 17, 2014

Alright, you and your child have already played all the letters on our Cartoon ABC app and seem to know the favorite ones by heart. But how to revise all other letters in a fun way so that your geek kid could remember them as well. A good idea is to ask a child to spell words. Here’s where you can find them in town:

- Signs with street names, restaurant names, hotel names

- Billboards (digital, painted, inflatable, everything would go!)

- Cars…yes, cars, children can name the letters they see on a car that stands in front of you ( a BMW, a F-O-R-D, etc.)

- Café menus


- Grocery store product labels

Here are just some ideas, if you have more, please share them with us at .

If you are looking for easy and enjoyable learning opportunities for your child, try our kids learning apps and preschool writing worksheets.

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