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Third Grade Telling Time Worksheets

Get more practice on telling the time with our collection of math activities for kindergarten and preschools. This series of math worksheets is tailored especially for kindergarten and preschool kids.

Our time telling worksheets introduce your little learners to a clock face in a funny way and explains the features of the analog clock such as hour hand and minute hand using a simple language.

Following the procedure provided by our time telling worksheets you will teach your kids to tell the time effortlessly and easily. Start with practicing telling the time to the full hour, then proceed to the half an hour, and gradually introduce a quarter of an hour concept.

Children gain more confidence in telling the time as they: 

When your little learners are confident enough you can move to matching digital and analog clocks. You will see that step by step your kids will learn how to read analog clock with the help of our time telling activities.

Just download our math worksheets and get started! It's time to tell the time!